3285 g 

 Portable inflatable baby bath tub shaped as both a manger and a grave stone, 'Granny Smith' apples. 

 My birthweight in apples. The forbidden fruit. The fruit of knowledge. 

 To be born as a woman is to be born with guilt. 

 Guilty of being too curious. And too naive trusting the Snake of Paradise

 Which was hes gender btw ? And what did man do to help out ? 

 Since she is only a rib from him. 

 This installation was installed outside St. Jacob's Church in the group exhibition 'The Procession' 

 as a comment to the alienation one may feel as a woman 

 being judged as less (trust)worthy than man. 

 When I fetched the baby bath tub only a few apples remained. 

 In the plant bed there were White Crocuses symbolising innocence and vitality 

 and the tree in the picture is a Paradise Tree

 Free from sin. 

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