3285 g (2008) 'The Procession'

(outside) St. Jacob's Church Stockholm

 Portable inflatable baby bathtub shaped like both a manger and a gravestone, 'Granny Smith' apples. 

 My birthweight in apples. The forbidden fruit. The fruit of knowledge. 

 Guilty of being too curious. And too naive trusting the Snake of Paradise

 Which was hes gender btw? And what did man do to help out? Since she is only a rib from him. 

A comment to the alienation one may feel as a woman being judged as less (trust)worthy than man. 

 As I fetched the baby bathtub only a few apples remained. 

 In the plant bed there are White Crocuses growing - symbolizing Innocence and Vitality 

 The tree in the picture is a Paradise Tree

 Free from sin