Jessika Björhn is a professional artist and a creative writer holding a Masters's Degree in Contemporary Conceptual Art from Umeå Art Academy and a Bachelor's Degree in Radical Fine Art from Konstfack - University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden.

During her education she had her own gallery business 'The Dust Gallery' exhibiting students in her studio space's window niche. Writing her Master Essay she gave a lecture on intuition, revealing the secret to alchemy.

She works as a medium and has been teaching blind drawing, cut-up poetry & intuitive collage at Bildmuséet as well as psychoanalytical staged photography, left-hand path croquis, tarot & shawomanism as a method workshops at foundation art school in Umeå. So far she has curated two exam exhibitions at the art school aiming for a PhD in feminist, occult artistry at Umeå Art Academy.

2018 she participated in the 12th Shanghai Biennale 'ProRegress' with a sound piece coming from a sea shell with the title 'Notes From The Ocean - Mind Mapping From The Sea.' The theme for the 13th Shanghai Biennale is 'Bodies of Water'.

2020 'She' channeled, created and produced the oracle deck 'She Beholds Oracle' - a free form of tarot. Jessika is indeed inspired by witchcraft, alchemy, feminism, herstory, ecology, politics, psychology, philosophy and spirituality. She has been published in various exhibition catalogs, anniversary books and web-based art magazines such as Umtitled and Volym. 

Jessika is represented by ICIA - Institute of Contemporary Ideas & Art in Gothenburg, MAN - Museum Anna Nordlander & SARA Kulturhus in Skellefteå. 2020 she was part of the collective 'Networking North' - a collaborative meeting space for northern artists and international curators initiated by Bildmuséet in Umeå and Konstkonsulenterna in Västerbotten.