Power Station of Art Shanghai China. The 12:th Shanghai Biennale. Re-Imagining Utopia - The Auroville Project. Dreaming of a better world. That dream penetrates my artistry. ‘The Mother - Notes From The Ocean - Mindmapping From The Sea’ (2017) From a seashell I read 143 words whereof I repeat and emphasize three: Progress, Realisation and Sincerity. The theme for the biennale became ProRegress. 


The shell has been given me from my mother-in-law. It looks just like my grandmother’s mouth as it froze without her false teeth after her death. In absence of my own mother I have promised that “I will paint the whole world, little mom”, to fight for women’s rights and everyone's rights to a decent life in this world there is. All for art. For the artist’s existence. For the female artist’s equal worth, value and possibility to roam freely. I start with me:


“Meet me in the sky. In the corner of my eye. Where we are. Flying high. Where nothing fades to grey. When nothing takes me away. Until then. I will be dreaming. Of a brighter. Day.” 


I speak in my first musical composition ‘Meet Me In The Sky’ (2017) 

It is my own lyric. The lyric which has become a core essence to me.


My longing goes beyond longing for a better world. Longing back to what was before or to what will be afterward. You’ll meet me there, right grandma? I’m just gonna repaint this world. It will take a while.

Dark is going light and vice versa. ‘Meet Me In The Sky’ will be a text-, light-, and sound installation.


‘This Is Where The Sun Sets’ (2017) Eureka! I have found it! I have found my home. This is where it all starts and ends. In text. In tribute to love and to all that is beautiful, to nature and life itself. I call for reflection; back to nature, back to the roots, back to ‘HeArt (Project Space)’ (2017) The neon sign claims the exhibition space as mine. Where the art comes from and speaks to the heart as the same time as it questions what kind of art is being shown.