Cut Connection / Soul Bodies 2015 

 Bronze castings still hid in their plaster molds shown in the group exhibition 'No Show - Intention of a Collective' 

 at MAN Museum Anna Nordlander Nordanå, Skellefteå 

 I started out with a piece of clay and the words "the golden lump". My hands divided the piece of clay into two equal pieces of clay. As   my right hand started to create the shape of a cube my left hand was the one shaping an irregular lump. As the work continued   I decided not to share this secret. Instead I ended up with these two decaying plaster molds revealing some bronze reminding of   bruises or space. Almost as if you're getting a glimpse of the everlasting soul inside of a crumbling body. There is also a casting of my   belly button placed in the same height as mine as if to find my match made in heaven. 

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