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 Meet me in the sky 

 In the corner of my eye 

 Where we are flying high 

 Where nothing fades to gray 

 When nothing takes me away 

 Until then I will be dreaming 

 Of a brighter day 

 Meet Me In The Sky 2017 

 This was the first music performance I have ever done performing my own song co-created with these fabulous bunch of musicians. 

 Thank you for crossing the crossing in between art, sound, spoken word and music with me. Thank you Maja Stenvall (backing vocals), Erik Sköld   (channeler/electric guitar), Hanna Gladh (trumpet) on recording Andreas Carlsson (2nd trumpet), Clara Ziegler (violin), Jan Lindblad   (drums), Alexander Wrangstål (bass) and Yuliya Antonova (piano). The more the merrier right..? 

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