'The Mother / Notes From The Ocean - 

 Mindmapping From The Sea' 2017 

 Sound piece in a shell 

 Reading 143 words from 'The Mother' mindmapping   the eco village Auroville. 

 Repeating 3 of them; 

 Progress, Realisation and Sincerity 


 Later on the group exhibition 

 'Re-Imagining Utopia - The Auroville Project' 

 curated by Heidrun Holzfeind & Christoph Draeger 

 shown at Kunstpavillion Innsbruck Austria was part   of the 12th Shanghai Biennale 

 with the theme 'ProRegress' - just saying. 

 Personally the shell that I got from my mother-in-   law reminds me of my grandmother's mouth as she   had passed. 


 Hello dear grandma, 

 Thank You for intervening in my artistry. 


 Big Thanks also to brilliant assistant, micro speaker   magician and genius artist Laura Heuberger Mancini:   http://www.lauraheuberger.com 

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