Suspicious But Still Intrigued (2016) Galleri Verkligheten

 Drawing blind, comment by another artist turning into a title, 

 cut-up poetry text piece out of words found in an art magazine 

 during lunch, sound performance in the group exhibition 

 'Parallel Lines' curated by Tris Vonna-Michell 

 at Galleri Verkligheten (Gallery Reality) Umeå 

 This page 

 Always open 

 Ephemeral material 

 Stretch it infinitely into the future 

 Part II 

 Evening auction 

 Flowers that bloom at midnight 

 Sunken area 

 Suspicious but still intrigued 


 Raised eyebrows / forrowed foreheads 


 Target practise 


 Against a crooked sky 

 Your bright future under attack 

 It was a promise of something