Alice in Wonderland 

 In a lonely place 

 No place 

 Hollow land 


 City of darkness 

 Against the day 


 Dust catches light 

 Into the light of things 

 Light works 

 Ghost light 


 Project of crisis 

 Untitled horrors 

 Real monsters 

 Psychedelic renegades 

 The return of the repressed 


 Modern melancholia 



 Faile temple

 Frozen dreams 

 Winter event - antifreeze winter event - anti freeze winter event - antifreeze  winter event - antifreeze 

 Never leave well enough alone 

 Take care of yourself 

 Let go 



 The phenomenon of materializing a dream 

 Defining contemporary art 

 The contemporary art of trusting   uncertainties and unfolding dialogues 

 The art of seeing the invisible 

 Through new eyes 

 Seeing sound 

 The sight of silence 

 The function of beauty 

 Poetic functionalist 

 Less is still more 

 Lost and found 

 Found text and borrowed ideas 

 Tools and orientations 

 Making being here enough 

 Constructing a new agenda 


 Fairytale - Castles in the air 

 Cosmic maps 

 In place of memory 

 Time and memory 

 Past tense future sense 

 History of shit 

 Slow narration 

 Moving still 

 Still standing 

 Still life 


 Natural motion 

 Forever now 

 Utopia forever 

 Utopia, love, mortality and the moving image 

 What's left 


 Between you and me 

 The real thing 

 Changed positions 


 Parallel processes 


 A pattern language 

 The trick 


 Don't kiss me 

 Beyond caring 

 Talk to me 

 Of what one cannot speak 

 The human factor 


 Beyond the surface 


 I wonder 

 Who is sleeping on my pillow? 

 You told me 

 I love you, stupid! 

 You say light I think shadow 

 The heart is not a metaphor 

  The heart is a lonely hunter 

 Love is what you want 

 House of love 

 Love book 




 The Phenomenon of Materializing a Dream (2016) 'Between You And Me' The Gallery 

 Text piece and reading out of stacked library art books in the duo exhibition 'Between You and Me' 

 I went to the art library to find inspiration and started to put the titles/pieces together. 

 Into sentences. Into meaning. Into a cut-up poetry text piece. 

 92 titles telling the story of my life. 

 Of failure and re-emergence, frozen dreams and cosmic maps. I bet I'll end up 92 years old and blind in the end. 

 Article by Sebastian Andersson