'This Is Where The Sun Sets' 2017 

 Chrome wall sticker mirroring the sky 

 Conceptual site specific art piece as   Bildmuséet is known for its'   popular view of the sunset and since the   sunset is the most beautiful and pictured   subject ever I wanted to make it mine. 

 This is also a tribute to the place I have   chosen to call home. 

 This is where the sun sets. 

 'Light The Sky' 2017 

 Sound piece caught in between sound   shower and sunset stroboscope on   monitor 

 Look at me 

 Head in the between 

 Shining promising beautiful 

 Pastel pink 

 Cotton candy 

 And cloudy fuzz figures in the dark 

 Revealing burning gaps 

 In the amazed heart space 


 By clouded warning signs 


 Was on fire 

 Light the sky 

 Leave a rainbow hole in the sun 


 You were lightning 


 Neon fire skies 



 When heart quilt treasures 


 Who am I ? 

 'Eureka Transcend' 2017 

 Sunset stroboscope on monitor 

 "Look at the sky, says Yoko Ono and I" 

 Do we ever care to look at the sky ? 

 Do we ever watch the sunset ?  

 Or do we watch it on screens instead ? 


 Shown in the group exhibition 

 'Fool's Gold' curated by Swetlana Heger-Davis   at Bildmuséet Umeå 

 article 'No Luddites' in Norwegian online art   magazine 'Kunstkritikk' by Robert Stasinski 

 The article is written in Swedish: 


 Luddite /ˈlʌdʌɪt/ noun: Luddite; plural noun: Luddites​: 

 A person opposed to new technology or ways of working. 

 "a small-minded Luddite resisting progress" 

 Eureka! - I have found it! 

 I have found the place where the sun   sets and it transcends my expectations. 

 It transcends Utopia. 

 U - me - å 

 "Home is where the heart is." 

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