Colab with Miss Vicc Repasi 

 PLEA-SURE Performance 

 Tie, Bind, Bond, Attach, Secure (2018) 



 'Shibari' - the Art of Binding 

 I entered this role a bit hesitant but still intrigued since I have   been tied up before. In a relaxed outfit during a free dance class,   in order to experience "Holding" - what it feels like to be held, 

 by yourself, by someone else, by your parents or by Universe. 

 This was a bit tougher. More serious. Professional. And far more   exposed. I was being nervous ever since Miss Vicc asked me   because I knew it was gonna flip things, but she did a good job   keeping me in the game buying expensive beautiful colorful   ropes with names like "Peacock". 

 I got tied up into three various positions during the session   which lasted the two hours of the opening - Lotus, standing and   sitting tied onto a chair. I went through a wide range of intense   emotions such as shame, fear, anger, pride, strength,  exhaustion, resignation and relief. 

 My mind went into this quiet meditative state called 'Subspace'   and I got some pretty clear insights - various messages in each   position. I also experienced some kind of quiet communication   between me and Miss Vicc since she came to my rescue as soon as I thought that I was about to faint. 


 Before this deeply transformative exorcist journey I used to feel   repelled by these kinds of pictures. I thought it was scary and all   about pain and misery. It is. On one hand. On the other there's   pleasure and peace. Just as within life itself. 


 When you confront what scares you, facing "the dark side" and   bring it into the day- or even spotlight, challenging yourself to   step out of your comfort zone, you grow and let go. 


 You cleanse and you reach another state of bliss. 

 You find your way back to your path, whether you were or felt   lost or not you'll feel more safe and secure. I feel humbled and   grateful and I'm actually proud of my bruises. I highly   recommend a Shibari experience to anyone feeling resistant.