exploring text-based creation 3-30 h 
spellcasting within
the expanded field 

yet to be conducted

on the male gaze 6 h 
reading + discourse on
'visual pleasure &
narrative cinema'
by laura mulvey

yet to be conducted

divination day 6 h
shawomanism as a
method & philosophy

umeå art school 2021

the left-hand path 15 h
croquis drawing studies
of the feminist witch
umeå art school 2019

Fool's journey 4 h 
tarot as a method
umeå art school 2019

write with light, fight or flight 30 h 
psychoanalytical studies of the former & future self
within staged photography 

umeå art school 2018

reflecting intuition 3 h
blind drawing, collage
& cut-up poetry

bildmuséet umeå 2017

try everything 30 h
curatorial hands on
diy as a collective

umeå art school 2018 & 2019

look at the sky says yoko ono and 1 3 h master essay reading revealing the secret to alchemy including Q&A
library art campus &
bildmuséet umeå 2017